Mount Matheson Property September 23, 2018

The Greater Victoria Green Team and Habitat Acquisition Trust spent the day on the beautiful Mount Matheson property removing lots of young Scotch Broom plants and planting 100s of native herbaceous plants and bulbs in the Garry Oak habitat! 

Thank-you to all of the amazing people for making a big difference and participating: Connie, Steve, Ashley, Jasmine, Alex, Robbie, Mark, Grace, Erin, Rheona, Marjorie, Shy and Alice. 

Thank you so much to the Habitat Acquisition Trust for partnering with us on this activity and supporting community engagement by working together! Find out more about HAT here:

Amazing Team! 




  • 15 volunteers were engaged (10 GVGT volunteers) and contributed 47 volunteer hours
  • 14 of the volunteers had never been to this site before
  • 13 of the volunteers had never planted native camas bulbs before
  • We revitalized an area measuring approx. 150 square metres!
  • We planted 100s of native bulbs and herbaceous plants including: Hooker’s Onion, Nodding Onion, Henderson’s Shooting Stars, Fool’s Onion, Common Camas, California Brome, Long-stoloned Sedge, Roemer’s fescue, Yarrow, Pearly Everlasting.
  • The seed mix included: Woolly sunflower, sea blush, farewell-to-spring, yarrow, spring gold, barestem desert-parsley, field chickweed and small-flowered blue-eyed Mary.


What volunteers said about their experience

I loved how we had a goal and we accomplished it. We made a difference, and even if it wasn’t a big one, it’s one that will continue to live on in our legacies.

Easy pace allowing each person to work to their own abilities. Loved the lunch and the diversity of volunteers assisting.

Learning about HAT and their work on covenants. Learning about planting native plants and bulbs. Being outside in a beautiful location on a beautiful day! It really lifted my spirits.

It was awesome! Great weather, and even better food provided! And the work was really light. Just enough to say I didn’t come just for the food! 🙂


Volunteers in Action

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