Portage Park December 13, 2019

The Greater Victoria Green Team engaged several classes and close to 100 students from Shoreline Middle School as well as community members! We removed 9 cubic metres of invasive plants, mainly English Ivy and a few large English Holly trees!


Thank-you to everyone for participating: the teachers and students of Shoreline Middle School! The community members: Robyn, Grace, Josiah, Liz, Eryn and Keely.

Thank-you very much to the Town of View Royal for contributing funds to this activity and making it possible for us to engage community the care of your parks!



  • In total, 103 volunteers participated (97 students and teachers from Shoreline Middle school) and contributed 84 volunteer hours
  • We removed 9 cubic metres of invasive plants from an area measuring approximately 200 square metres
  • Shoreline Middle School students have been helping care for Portage Park for over 5 years and have helped revitalize the forest habitat! They are the stewards of their local park!

What people shared about their experience

This was a great opportunity for my students! They really enjoyed pulling English Ivy in Portage Park and Amanda from the Greater Victoria Green Team made it really fun for them with competitions and prizes. It is so important for students to learn about the land they live on and work to help the environment. We’ll definitely be doing more things like this as a class! – Alice Hunt, teacher Grade 7/8 Shoreline Middle School

My two daughters and I really enjoyed participating in today’s cleanup at Portage Park. It’s so nice meeting and interacting with others, and there’s nothing like some good old fashioned hard work pulling out all that ivy! Not to mention the therapeutic effects of working the earth in the great outdoors. – Liz Paterson, GVGT volunteer

Before and After photos





Volunteers in Action

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