Gulf View Park November 24, 2019

The Greater Victoria Green Team worked to remove a large pile of invasive species from the forested habitat in Gulf View Park in North Saanich! Together with local community members, the team removed close to 20 cubic metres of invasive plants including English Ivy, Daphne, Blackberry and Holly!


Thank-you to everyone for participating: Al, Anne, Atya, Denise, Jarrett (and his kids: Amir, Sammi and Sara), Jory, Koji, Kurt, Pamela, Ricardo, Riley, Rojin, Steven and Wayne.

Thank-you very much to the District of North Saanich contributing funds to this activity and making it possible for us to engage community the care of your parks!



  • In total, 17 volunteers participated and contributed 47 hours!
  • We removed 20 cubic metres of invasive plants from an area measuring approximately 200 square metres
  • We introduced 11 volunteers to Gulf View Park
  • We introduced 7 volunteers to removing English Ivy
  • Check out our previous activity in Gulf View Park:

What people shared about their experience

Many people attend and get to socialise and also contribute towards a great park project. Afterwards, the event pictures are posted and allows everyone to see everyone engaged and happy. These events are not grudging labour, they are spending positive time with amazing people while helping a park.

It builds community amongst like minded individuals, and from a rather interesting cross section of society.
It begins to rebuild a small part of our local ecosystem.
It helps the local volunteers who work in these parks to get “a leg up” on their work, and not feel quite so overwhelmed. It gives us (local volunteers) heart and re-energizes us.

Before and After photos






Volunteers in Action

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