Rocky Point Park, Port Moody, April 27 2019

Lower Mainland Green Team volunteers came out in the sun, cloud, rain, hail and wind and planted native species, and removed invasive English Ivy, Himalayan Blackberry and trash from Rocky Point Park in Port Moody!

Thank-you to everyone who participated: Akinori, Alexander, Anna, Andrew, Angela, Anezcka, Art, Leonid, Valentyna, Oleh, Ganna, Brian J, Britney, Cindy, Emma, Eugene, Florence, Francis, Glenda, Gwynifyre, Jordan, Karissa, Kristina, YuQing, Hunter, Kate, Monica, Susanna and Cllr Megan Lahti

Thank you very much to the City of Port Moody for partnering with the Green Teams. Specifically, thank you to Angela and for recognizing the importance of collaboration and partnership! Your support made it all possible.

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors for providing thank-you gifts to our volunteers: West Coast Seeds for providing veggie and flower seeds!



  • 28 volunteers participated and contributed 80 volunteer hours
  • 10 volunteers had never been to Rocky Point Park
  • 14 of the volunteers had never planted before
  • 11 of the volunteers had never removed invasive plants before
  • We planted 20 native trees
  • We removed 30 cubic metres of English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberry
  • Most volunteers came from Port Moody; however, some volunteers also came from Coquitlam, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Langley and Anmore!

What participants said about their experience

This program not only educates people on invasive species and environmental issues but brings people who truly care to make a difference together. This program is a way of making people feel like they are able to facilitate change or learn how to. – Maya

The impact is increased awareness of the magnitude of effort required for greenspace maintenance by participants, & signal to those in positions to support, that ‘everyday folks’ care enough to make an effort – Kate

it was a lot of fun and I got to meet some great people. It might make more people aware of what they can do to help the planet! – Emma

Gives me an opportunity to help out the community and become more educated on invasive species and more! – Karissa

The impact is a more natural park. And, helping native plants flourish. – Florence

Before and After photos


Volunteers in Action

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