Brydon Lagoon April 23, 2019

Lower Mainland Green Team volunteers came out to celebrate Earth Day by planting native species, laying down mulch and removing invasive species from Brydon Lagoon in Langley.

This activity was made possible in partnership with the City of Langley – thank you Jonn, Leah and Sue!

Thank you Langley Environmental Partners Society for providing your ecological expertise and local knowledge (Lisa!)

Also, a big thank you to our LMGT leader Doug!

Thank you to all of our volunteers for making a big difference!

Jagdeep, Doug, Emily, Kelsey, Kristen, Navdeep, Samantha, Kerstin, Ava, Kira, Abby, Avery, Lauren, Emily, Amanda, Lauren, Maxwell, Mithara, Sam, Christianne, Arshia, Taylor, Miah, Megan, Sophie, Preston, Megan, Madison, Louise, Viorica, Jashan, Maxwell, Maggie, Eli and 12 students and teachers from the H.D. Stafford ACCESS program!

We hope your environmental efforts and care for nature today carries on through your future actions, and remember, you can be the change you want to see!
Our amazing volunteers!

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  • 46 volunteers participated and contributed 102 volunteer hours
  • 5 cubic metres of Himalayan blackberry crowns (root) and English Ivy was removed
  • 109 native species including Sword Fern, Indian Plum and Kinnikinnick were planted
  • Over 25 students from H.D. Stafford Middle School attended as part of their Me to We community volunteering
  • Theo, our Beagle friend, helped dig some holes for planting
  • We had a mom (Maggie) and her young son (Eli) who were walking in the park come join us in some planting
  • Local residents came by to thank the volunteers for all their hard work
  • Volunteers found items such as a tire and a plastic bowling ball
  • Almost all of our volunteers had never planted native species or removed invasive species before this event, and 25 people had never visited Brydon Lagoon before today
  • Volunteers saw how climate change can provide conditions for invasive species to thrive and take over ecosystems, something that happens in our very own backyards

What a volunteer said

The impact of this program is to be encouraged to do good. On a daily basis the simplest concepts are easily forgotten and ignored. Volunteering and giving back to our community and planet is a movement that has been forgotten. It felt accomplishing and educational. – Madison

In the Media

Before and After Photos:

Before planting native species
After planting native species and laying down mulch
Before removing Himalayan blackberry crowns
After removing crowns — and there’s still more!
Before removing English ivy and Himalayan blackberry
After removing English ivy and Himalayan blackberry

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