Saxe Point Park September 30, 2018

The Greater Victoria Green Team collaborated with Esquimalt’s Branch Out and engaged 24 volunteers in an English Ivy pull in Saxe Point Park! 

Thank-you to all of the amazing people for making a big difference and participating: Larry, Marjorie, Deanna, Lisa, Peter, Phaedra and her awesome daughter Ruby, Rose, Chloe, Theo, Lynn, Danya, Mark, Chad, Cyril, Kristen, Carwyn, Airi, Jolin, Shaelyn, Stewart, Jack and Cathy! 

Thank you to Esquimalt’s Community Grant program for contributing funds to our GVGT activities in your region! Find out more about Esquimalt HERE.

Thank you to LUSH Cosmetics for providing great bath items, and Earth Rated for providing eco-friendly dog bags as thank you gifts to our hardworking volunteers! Also, thank you to Lone Tree Bakery for providing the most delicious muffins and energy bars!


Amazing Team of Eco-heroes!





  • 24 GVGT volunteers were engaged and contributed 66 volunteer hours
  • 11 of the volunteers had never been to Saxe Point Park before
  • 12 of the volunteers had never removed English Ivy before
  • We revitalized an area measuring approx. 150 square metres!
  • We removed approx. 6 cubic metres of English Ivy from the site
  • We planted 4 Douglas-fir and Hemlock trees in the cleared out area!


What volunteers said about their experience

I enjoyed removing plants and talking with others. It was the first time for me to take part in a volunteer program about nature. I really enjoyed it, and learned many things. I hadn’t known that there were so many invasive plants. I thought this was something that I could do for making a difference.

Enjoyed meeting the other volunteers and the fresh air. Also the snacks and the general feeling of making a positive impact. Good way to start a Sunday. I feel it probably brings a good sense of community to an area, delivers a good volunteer experience, and helps to restore some of greater Victoria’s former ecology.


Before and After photos







Volunteers in Action


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