UVic Bowker Creek Headwaters March 2, 2018

On March 2, students from Maria Montessori, as well as club members from UVic’s Ecological Restoration Volunteer Club reduced the amount of English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberry at UVic. 59 students plus teachers and parents helped to not only remove English Ivy about also planted Douglas-fir trees and Nootka Rose bushes! 2

Thank you to all of the students, teachers and parents from Maria Montessori for helping that day! Thank you to all of the volunteers for participating: Andrew, Wies, Kari, Anna, John, Emily (UVic club coordinator) and Braedan (thanks for helping with the Bird ID workshop too!)

To volunteer with the UVic Ecological Restoration Club you can join their FACEBOOK PAGE HERE



  • In total 74 volunteers participated and contributed 88 volunteers hours
  •  8 volunteers were introduced to Bowker Creek Headwater at UVic before 
  • 41 volunteers were introduced to removing English Ivy
  • We removed 2 cubic metres of English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberry
  • We planted 3 Douglas-fir trees and 2 Nootka Rose shrubs
  • We removed the invasive plants from an area measuring approximately 150 square metres

Before and After photos





Volunteers in Action 


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