Anderson Hill Park February 25, 2018

On February 25th during a blustery chilly day, 23 volunteers of the Greater Victoria Green Team co-organized an English Ivy pull on Anderson Hill Park. Along with the two coordinators (Amanda of the GVGT and Christina, the park steward), the volunteers helped to remove over 5 cubic metres of invasive plants including English Ivy and Spurge-laurel (Daphne). 

A big thank you to Christina Johnson-Dean, the park steward, for your continual dedication to Anderson Hill Park! We LOVE working with yoU!

Thanks to all GVGT volunteers for making a big difference: Conway, Emma, Melissa, Emily, Jason, Paige, Maggie, Madeline, Kai, Andrew, Travis, Isabella, Terra, Karen, Jennifer, Tree, Nghi, Siaowei, Kirsten, Shannon, Ricardo, Fransisco and Kari!

A HUGE thank you to the Victoria Foundation, LUSH Cosmetics and our many other FUNDERS for your continual support and funding to allow these activities to continue! 

To volunteer with Christina on Anderson Hill Park, please email her at

This event was part of February’s Meadow Marathon, organized in part by the Nature Conservancy of Canada! To participate in other Meadow Marathon volunteer activities this month, please go to their WEBSITE HERE



  • In total 23 GVGT volunteers participated and contributed 70 volunteers hours
  • 19 volunteers were introduced to Anderson Hill Park 
  • 14 volunteers were introduced to removing English Ivy
  • We removed 5 cubic metres of English Ivy and Spurge-laurel from the park!
  • We removed the invasive plants from an area measuring approximately 200 square metres

Before and After photos







Volunteers in Action 


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