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Uplands Park March 1, 2020

Published on March 4, 2020 under GVGT in Action

The Greater Victoria Green Team organized a volunteer activity with the Friends of Uplands Park! We linked up with their regular No Ivy League and worked to remove invasive Daphne from the diverse habitat.


Thank-you to everyone for participating: Amanda, Bikram, Cailee, Carly, Celeste, Christopher, Colleen, Conway, Cooper, Eli, Felicity, Fred, Helena, Jack, Jean, Jordan, Kai, Lisa, Maren, Margaret, Martin, Max, Mieka, Oliver, Peter, Richard and Theodore.

Thank-you very much to the District of Oak Bay fo contributing grant funds to our activities in your municipality and for recognizing the importance of collaboration in community engagement and ecological restoration!



  • In total, 28 volunteers participated (24 GVGT volunteers) and contributed 57 volunteer hours (49 GVGT hours).
  • 8 of our GVGT volunteers had never been to Uplands park before, while 16 had never removed Daphne before!
  • We removed 5 cubic metres of invasive plants from an area measuring approximately 100 square metres!

What people shared about their experience

We’re keeping one of the few remaining pockets of native ecosystem safe from introduced invasive species, which is important (and it is a relief to know there are some of those pockets are still around)

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