Langvista Covenant April 14, 2019

The Greater Victoria Green Team co-organized a volunteer and community engagement activity with the Land Conservancy of BC in Langford at the Langvista Covenant Area.

Thank-you to everyone who participated: Arun, Astrid, Brendan, Chris, Connie, Conway, Danyelle, Deanna, Emily, Gina, Karen, Keito, Kirstin, Laura, Michael, Nicole, Oki, Rick, Simon, Steve and Wonton.

Thank you very much to the Land Conservancy of BC for partnering with the Green Teams. Thank you for recognizing the importance of collaboration and partnership! Your support made it all possible.

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors for providing thank-you gifts to our volunteers: West Coast Seeds for providing veggie and flower seeds! Plus our granola bars were donated by the awesome Nature’s Path



  • 21 volunteers participated and contributed 84 volunteer hours
  • 17 volunteers had never been to Langvista Covenant before!
  • 13 of the volunteers were introduced to removing invasive broom!
  • We removed 14 cubic metres of Scotch Broom!
  • Municipalities that volunteers came from include: 9 from Saanich, 4 from Victoria, 3 from Esquimalt, 1 from Langford, 1 from Oak Bay and 1 from View Royal.

What participants said about their experience

The leaders were knowledgeable and enthusiastic and super friendly. We accomplished a lot, and had fun doing it. And lunch was delicious.

Looking at the hillside I’d say we prevented fires and revitalized an overwhelmed landscape … at least a little. It’s programs like this, bringing the community together to support the environment and increase the social capital of environmental mitigation, that build capacity for awareness, change, and persistent improvement. Kudos to this group for establishing a sustainable and supportive model of social innovation.

Before and After photos

Volunteers in Action

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