Havenwood Park November 23, 2019

The Greater Victoria Green Team spent part of a beautiful autumn day in Havenwood Park, Colwood working to revitalize the forest habitat by removing invasive Scotch Broom and Himalayan Blackberry. We collaborated with the awesome Friends of Havenwood Park for this activity!


Thank-you to everyone for participating: Ainsley, Haley, Judy, Julian, Kerry, Marlise, Raelene, Richard B, Richard G, Robyn (plus Grace and Josiah), Sarah, Steve and Zi!

Thank-you very much to the City of Colwood for contributing funds to this activity and making it possible for us to engage community the care of your parks!

Thank to the Friends of Havenwood Park leaders: Dave, Carol and Robbie for all of your hard work taking care of Havenwood Park!

Volunteer in Colwood

Find out more about the Friends of Havenwood Park HERE, and if you would like to join their volunteer activities, please email volunteers@hat.bc.ca



  • In total, 18 volunteers participated and contributed 54 hours!
  • We removed 8 cubic metres of invasive plants from an area measuring approximately 150 square metres
  • We introduced 5 volunteers to this park
  • We introduced 7 volunteers to removing Himalayan Blackberry
  • Check out our previous activities in Havenwood Park:

What people shared about their experience

I loved the feeling of accomplishment I felt after we were finished. I also loved that people of varying ages and walks of life worked together to make a difference!

The feeling I was helping the community and making the park better for others. Also meeting new people with a common goal and feeling like I accomplished something positive

I enjoyed the fresh air, I enjoyed social interaction with old friends and made new acquaintances.

I liked the structure of the event and the clear description of the tasks.

Before and After photos




Volunteers in Action

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